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SPEAKERPODCAST EP.125 – City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes

It’s been a good two decades since we last saw Ryo Saeba and crews latest antics in animated form grace our screens (no, we don’t talk about Angel Heart around here).

City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes hit Japanese cinemas on February 8 and appears to have struck a nostalgic chord with audiences since some cinemas are still screening it over two months later. Shinjuku itself has been caught in the grip of mokkori fever, with collaboration cafes, and promotions all over the place – some pictures of which I’ve included below.

But how does the movie stack up? Does it try to reinvent everyone’s favorite lecherous sweeper for 2019 or does it stick to doing what Ryo does best?Tune in to find out!


Sega Fes, the official annual event for all things Sega was held again this year at the Belle Sale event space in Akihabara on March 30-31. Unlike last year’s Sega Fes, which was far more hardware oriented, this year’s focused on three main things: the Megadrive Mini, Sakura Taisen (both the new game announcement and a retrospective on the franchise’s merchandising and history) and Atlus.

Of course, the event also featured the return of Segata Sanshiro as well (in my opinion by far the most important thing to happen during the event) during a stage show/talk panel.

More areas were off limits to photography this year, but the pics we did manage to snap can be found in the following gallery.

Oh, and this year saw the debut of Sega-themed food at the event –  trend that I hope continues next year!

The VF-4 and the curious case of the SDF-018

Raise your hand if you like the VF-4 from 1987’s “Flashback 2012”.

For a valkyrie that only ever had a scant few seconds of screen time, it’s proven to be a fan favorite over the years, partially due to its mystique – no-one knew how it actually transformed until Digital Mission VF-X was released for the Sony Playstation a decade later in 1997 – and partially because of the potential it hinted at for the future of valkyrie design.

There is another mystery surrounding the VF-4 though, one that has reared its head before but has become topical again with the release of Bandai’s Hi-Metal R VF-4 Lightning III earlier this month – the mystery of the SDF-018.

Macross Modelers 2019

The winning entries of this year’s Macross Modelers contest were announced at a small awards ceremony attended by Shoji Kawamori and Nishida Nozomi and went on display today in Akihabara at Softmap buildings 1 and 4. Building 4 is displaying winning entries while Building 1 has honorable mentions.

This year’s contest was the biggest yet and attracted some very creative entries from some seriously talented modelers. The following is a gallery of photos of most of them. (The models were packed in tight in very reflective glass cabinets, meaning that some were a little difficult to photograph).

Enjoy the deculture!