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SpeakerPODcast Ep.117 – Super Dimensional Chaos 2018

This is the second podcast that we recorded at Super Dimension Convention in September. Instead of the usual round table format, we tried something a little different…

A table, an open mic, a very noisy dealers hall… and you.

Maybe this isn’t the best idea. Maybe it’s the best idea ever. Maybe it’s just really really noisy. How it turns out, is up to you, the fans at the con who were generous enough with their time to sit down and talk with us. So thank you – you all know who you are. I hope.

Special thanks to Andrew Collie for spontaneously co-hosting and Revan for getting the word out and also for the photos. Thanks guys!

Walkure Cafe 2018

The Walkure Cafe 2018 opened yesterday at Harajuku’s AreaQ. Similar to last year’s Walkure Cafe, this year’s focuses on the recently released Bluray of Walkure’s 3rd Live and features original merchandise, video interviews with Walkure and a collaboration menu put together by the girls themselves.

Due to the video footage playing constantly throughout the cafe, photographs were only allowed in a select few areas. The following are a few that the SpeakerPODcast Crew managed to get.

The Walkure Cafe is open until November 25th and an online ticket/booking is generally necessary to enter.

An Interview with Mari Iijima (SDC 2018)

Singer song writer, pianist and actress Mari Iijima, who lent her voice to the role of Minmay in the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross, attended Super Dimension Convention this year as a very special guest and performed to a packed hall. With the line for autographs afterwards reaching out of the lobby and well into the courtyard, we were unable to catch up during the con itself, however she was gracious enough to agree to the following interview afterwards.
(Photos by Nago Wk & Channel Chin, used below with permission)

SpeakerPODcast Ep.116 – Super Dimension Convention 2018

THE event for Macross fans outside of Japan, Super Dimension Convention was held in Torrance, California on September 15 this year and was a resounding success thanks to the tireless work of dedicated staff and fellow fans.

We sit down in the aftermath of the con to discuss how it all went. Oh, and also Redman, Penguins, and VF-X. With special guests Frank from Georgia and Dylan the cat. It’s the next best thing to being there!

(On a side note, we accidentally recorded this episode with the window open. Sorry for any extra ambient noise.)

Wings of Honneamise Exhibit

Hachioji City Yume Museum is currently holding an exhibit dedicated to the 1987 debut animated film from Gainax, the Wings of Honneamise. Titled “Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise – A Creative Path to the SF Animation Film“, the exhibit covers all aspects of the film, from pre-production notes and materials, to character and mechanical designs, across a whopping 4 rooms – 3 exhibition rooms and 1 screening room for the film which is played several times each day.

The exhibit runs from September 14 through to November 11, 2018 and photography is permitted. The following is a gallery of photos we took at the exhibit but is far from comprehensive, so if you are in Japan while it’s still on, be sure to check it out!