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Macross Crossover Live 2009 Report

The 2009 Macross Crossover Live was an event of very personal importance for me.

It was emotional, even.

Each stage of Macross and it’s music has pretty much defined a period of my life – Macross/Robotech when I was a kid (then rediscovered in Junior High), Macross 2 and Macross Plus in Senior High and during what was to be the first of many trips to Japan, Macross 7 in university (Basara roc...

Macross Frontier Galaxy Tour Report

Tickets to popular local acts here in Japan are notoriously hard to get. Even more so when it comes to popular ‘niche’ anime concerts. And while I had little insight prior to the concert regarding how popular Frontier had actually been, I was soon to be in for a rude awakening. You had to register online to go into a DRAW to win the right to buy a ticket. The ticket placing was random and couldnt be changed. There was a time limit of several days to then actually purchase the ticket you had won the right to buy. If you didnt buy it within the time limit, you lost the right to buy it.