This episode we’re joined by Craig “The Scream Man” to talk about all those shiny new toys recently announced at the Macross Galactic Launch Ceremony 2021.
If you haven’t watched it yet… well, why not?! It’s in English, so check it out!

Hi Metal-R is BACK!

No Time Stamps this episode – watch the Galactic Launch Ceremony and you’ll know the exact toys we’re talking about… and keep talking about… and keep talking about… ^^;
Oh, and Craig can be found showing off his impressive toy collection over at Toy Reel!

All-new artwork by Haruhiko Mikimoto to commemorate Macross going global.

Music this episode includes:
Interstellar Flight by Isosceles Triangle
Angel’s Paints by Ayuka*
Ikenai Boarderline by Kiichi Suda & Ryota

Give them a follow for more terrific anime covers!

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