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Chiba Shibori & Plastic Model Rock Festival 2019

With practically all hobby and model shows here in Japan, both professional and amateur, having been cancelled for the last 12 months, we thought this might be a good chance to look back at two amateur hobbyist shows from late 2019 – Chiba Shibori and Plastic Model Rock Festival.
While we discussed both of these in podcasts at the time, I never got around to posting photo galleries of them and figured that now was as good a time as any to do so.
Both included a smattering of Macross-related offerings, with Chiba Shibori in particular including Wankoro‘s now infamous 1/4000 scale SDF-1 along with a highly detailed chunk of South Ataria Island.

Genesis Climber Mospeada Popup Shop

Well, it’s been a pretty crazy month for Mospeada fans.
First, a new Entertainment Archive “mook” was announced for the series.
Then, late Thursday July 30, news broke regarding the Genesis Breaker project (first hinted at during Summer Wonder Festival 2019).
The following day, Hakaba no Garo Gallery at Nakano Broadway opened a limited-time popup shop for the original Genesis Climber Mospeada, complete with a high-level concept overview of the story of the new Genesis Breaker project.

The SpeakerPODcast Crew was at the popup shop as it opened to snap the gallery of pics below.
First, however, lets look at the information on display regarding Genesis Breakers…

Piece of Peace Exhibit

Lego is currently holding a “Piece of Peace” exhibit from Feb.22 to March 15 across two locations in Tokyo.
The bulk of these exhibits is made up of replications of world heritage sites. One particular corner, however, just so happens to be dedicated to the works of one Shoji Kawamori. Perhaps you’ve heard of him?
Shoji Kawamori’s design process using Lego blocks has been well documented over the past couple of decades, and several of the pieces on display at this exhibit had previously been shown at previous exhibits.
The difference this time however was that the public was allowed to take photographs. While the lighting and layout wasn’t exactly optimal, we did manage to put together the following gallery.


After surprising almost everyone when it was originally announced late last year, the “Oshare Macross Gaiden: Macross Boys 2” popup shop opened at Shinjuku Marui Annex yesterday and is due to run through to March 8.

Only the second in Macross’ long-running series of popup shops to focus on the series’ male characters, this popup shop sees the return of fan-favorites Alto and Messer, while adding Hayate, Michael, Hikaru and Max to the mix.

Character art comes from the ever-talented Risa Ebata and mysterious new artist “Yura Kaminami” and is available on everything from wall scrolls to mint tins.

The SpeakerPODcast Crew were on the scene the moment the doors opened and managed to get a few pics.

Wonder Festival 2020 Winter

Wonder Festival 2020 Winter, the bi-annual toy and hobby show, was held again at Makuhari Messe on February 9.

While it was relatively light in terms of Macross content, there were plenty of other amazing toys and kits on display. The following gallery is a mixture of commercial and amateur products, starting with Macross and other mecha properties, before spinning off into… well pretty much anything and everything.