SPEAKERPODCAST EP.144 – The New(s) 75!

With Macross Delta Zettai LIVE!!!!!! rapidly approaching (we think?), announcements for everything from key visuals to toys are starting to drop. This episode, we try to catch up on the trickle of news from the last couple of months before autumn’s deluge hits.
Renato also gives his impressions on the Bandai’s recent VF-1D release and poses a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point – WHERE ARE THE FISTS?!?

Walkure, Megumi ‘Ranka’ Nakajima and Aya ‘Sheryl’ Endo bringing the news!

Episode 144 Timestamps
00:02:35: Zettai Live key visual.
00:19:35: Zettai Live 2nd teaser trailer.
00:29:35: Macross Frontier Galaxy live 2021 REVENGE.
00:32:14: Macross Delta bluray boxset.
00:33:45: Movie ticket pre-sales, Walkure Reborn, Walkure Won’t Give Up.
00:43:40: Max Factory Nose Cone Collection, Megahouse Firebomber figures, GBP armored.
00:55:25: Uta Macross 4th Ann. livestream.
01:03:24: Fever Macross Frontier 4 Pachislot.
01:06:20: Renato’s VF-1D review.
01:27:04: When was DYRL ACTUALLY released?

Prototype BOMBER!

Music this episode includes:
Angel’s Paints by Nanao
Do You Remember Love by Vocapanda
Love, Halation, The War by HUG

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Nozomiru demands you go see Zettai LIVE!!!!! Or else!
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