Yasuhiro Yoshiura and Yutaka Izubuchi On Rebooting the Essence of Patlabor

(Originally written for Anime-now! in 2016)

Sequels, reboots, remakes and side stories are everywhere today. But many times, the key to success—and longevity—is in the assurance that no matter how many incarnations an intellectual property goes through, the core ideas remain constant and relevant, if perhaps in a different guise.

Sometimes, the people who understand this best are the people who have been impassioned by those very elements. The story behind 2016’s Patlabor Reboot is just such a tale. Behind the scenes, the production itself is almost an allegorical narrative about a master bequeathing an heirloom to a young successor who has proven his worth.


A little-known fact is that this year’s Godzilla vs Kong released in Japan a good 3 months later than in the rest of the world, not hitting cinemas until July 2. While it may be old news to some, it’s still fairly recent for those of us in the birthplace of the world’s largest radioactive reptile, so we thought we’d grab the mics and have a chat about it.

But then, Macross happened… and we FINALLY have a release date for Macross Delta Zettai Live!!!!!!
Tune in and check out our reactions to all the news in real-time, in the latest episode of the SpeakerPODcast!

The net has been abuzz about a certain teaser cameo…

SPEAKERPODCAST EP.144 – The New(s) 75!

With Macross Delta Zettai LIVE!!!!!! rapidly approaching (we think?), announcements for everything from key visuals to toys are starting to drop. This episode, we try to catch up on the trickle of news from the last couple of months before autumn’s deluge hits.
Renato also gives his impressions on the Bandai’s recent VF-1D release and poses a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point – WHERE ARE THE FISTS?!?