Genesis Climber Mospeada Popup Shop

Well, it’s been a pretty crazy month for Mospeada fans.
First, a new Entertainment Archive “mook” was announced for the series.
Then, late Thursday July 30, news broke regarding the Genesis Breaker project (first hinted at during Summer Wonder Festival 2019).
The following day, Hakaba no Garo Gallery at Nakano Broadway opened a limited-time popup shop for the original Genesis Climber Mospeada, complete with a high-level concept overview of the story of the new Genesis Breaker project.

The SpeakerPODcast Crew was at the popup shop as it opened to snap the gallery of pics below.
First, however, lets look at the information on display regarding Genesis Breakers…

The following is a rough translation of the wall panel at the popup shop. We may update it as more details are clarified. The information was different to the overview on the official website which centered more on the character “Gate”.
At the time of writing there has not been any further clarification as to what the format or media of this new project actually is.

“A side story to the original Genesis Climber Mospeada dealing with the Intelligence Bureau’s Special Unit, known as the Breakers, who returned to Earth at the same time as the Second Earth Recapture Force depicted in the original anime, this is a tale of battle mecha hardware and action set in the not so distant future. The main characters are a special unit dispatched to Inbit-controlled Earth by the Mars Intelligence Bureau which, despite being a part of the larger Mars Government, has a high degree of autonomy.

They are equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art black Ride Armors which are currently being developed for the Third Earth Recapture Force, due to be dispatched in three years’ time. These Ride Armors have a high degree of stealth, are light weight and extremely maneuverable. Unlike the main force’s mission to destroy the enemy’s base of operations, the Breakers (already possessing intelligence on the Inbit) are tasked with making contact with them. Due to this, their mission is highly classified. 

The title GENESIS BREAKER can be interpreted as “Those who prevent Genesis”, but the term is actually a commonly used name for a sub-division within the Intelligence Bureau. The unit that our main characters are assigned to is called the “Breakers” (Breakers Special Unit), with each member having a designated codename of Breaker-1, Breaker-2, Breaker-3, etc.
However, a more easily relatable interpretation of their name may be to think of them as being like the circuit breakers that are commonly used to protect electrical circuits from overloading. In this sense they are a kind of fail-safe -one that will be put into action to prevent the Inbit from carrying out their plan to trigger a second Genesis on Earth (resetting the planet). When looked at from this angle, the unit’s name can be said to reflect their role in the overall story of things.

Special Unit GENESIS BREAKERS (The Breakers)
While technically occupying a position below that of the Mars Central Government, the Intelligence Bureau has secretly formed a division known as the Breakers, a highly autonomous special unit. Shunned by the military, who view them as some sort of military police, they are in reality a secret organization whose members were originally tasked with suppressing destabilizing elements during Mars’ unification and still possess a license to kill.”

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