Macross & Macross F Cafe/Art Gallery

In the lead to the Macross Frontier 10th Anniversary Orchestra on September 8-9, Mitsukoshi Department Store (Main Branch) is holding a combined collaboration cafe/mini-gallery dedicated to both Macross Frontier and the original SDF Macross. The cafe will run from September 5-17, 2018.

The SpeakerPODcast Crew were fortunate enough to be able to check out the cafe on opening day and will be covering it in-depth in a future podcast. While the majority of items on display were things that we had seen before, what really struck us was the amount of space and respect given to the original the original Macross (although much of the art and items on display were actually from DYRL). The cafe was literally split 50/50 between Macross Frontier and the original, with themed food and drinks dedicated to each. This is quite possibly the closest thing we will ever get to a dedicated SDF Macross collaboration cafe.

But enough about that. Bring on the pics!


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