Oshare Macross 30 @ Shinjuku Marui One


Following up on its previous ‘Oshare’ collaboration events for the Macross Frontier movies, Marui One department store kicked off its latest ‘Oshare Macross 30′ exhibit on Friday, Sept. 29. Similar to previous events, this ‘exhibit’ consists of a special store of Macross merchandise on the 1st floor, some special edibles (see pics below) and a small gallery space on the fourth floor. The gallery space is actually quite small this time around, featuring costume designs by Risa Ebata – many of which didn’t actually make it into either the Macross Frontier series or movies.


The merchandise store also offered macaroons for 380yen each, themed on one of four characters:Sheryl, Ranka, Basara or Mylene. Purchasing one or more macaroons gets you a Sheryl or Ranka themed coaster as well. I tried Basara and Mylene, and while Basara was, surprisingly, tastier than expected, I have to admit that Mylene tasted a lot better imo.

Oshare Macross 30 will run until October 15 after which it will be followed by another exhibit, ‘Oshare Macross FB7′ from October 17-28.

The exhibit started off on Friday by offering an autograph ticket to the first 50 people who spent 3000yen or more. The ticket entitled the bearer to a signboard of Sheryl signed by Macross Frontier (movies) Chief Animation Director Hiroki Maruto. Based on previous, similar signings with Miyatake and Mikimoto, I had figured that arriving 90 minutes should be sufficient….however 2 hrs before the event started there were already 100ppl in line. Never underestimate the popularity of Sheryl – or the patience of Macross Frontier’s female fan base!

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