Oshare Macross @ Shinjuku Marui One, 2014

The latest in the series of temporary ‘Oshare Macross’ stores opened at Shinjuku Marui Annex today.

With a decidedly Valentine’s Day theme, this new Oshare Macross also featured a sneak peek at the packaging for the upcoming Macross Frontier movies Bluray box set (with the art for the extras disc being a temporary placeholder), some new Sheryl and Ranka art (art-cards & tapestries), Macross-themed cakes and cookies, and even a hidden Hidetaka Tenkin-signed valkyrie. Oh, and the Decul-CHA (Cha = tea) pun was finally taken to it’s logical extreme with the introduction of Macross Frontier-branded tea.
Oshare Macross will be held from Feb. 01 to Feb. 22 on the 6F of Shinkuku Marui Annex.
Hit the jump below for the full gallery of pics!

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