Softmap Macross Museum

Following on from the Macross Delta collaboration that was held earlier this year Softmap is currently holding a “Macross Museum” display at its No.1 Branch in Akihabara. Much of the Macross Delta merchandise that previously populated the display has been swapped out for some more vintage goods, mostly in pristine condition.

The following pictures were taken on September 10, 2017. I’ve also included some prototype Garland pics at the end – Arcadia currently has these on limited display on the 5th floor of the Radio Kaikan.

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Gwyn Campbell

Project Manager, Macross fan, Podcast host, Anime nerd & sometime-gamer. Here in Akihabara we don't just 'like' Macross, we LIVE IT! 龍が我が敵を食らう!

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