SpeakerPODcast Ep.103 – Eventers Assemble!

After months of anticipation, failed ticket raffle applications, and frantic glowstick purchases, Wakure’s 3rd Concert, “Walkure Won’t Betray You”, was held in Yokohama last weekend.

Fans flocked to Yokohama Arena over two days, filling the 17,000 seat arena to capacity on both days to hear the girls from Macross Delta… along with some very special guests.

Walkure on the infamous “Superdimensional Moving Stage”. (Image property of Animatetimes.com)

The SpeakerPODcast Crew managed to grab as many fellow fans as possible after Day 2 and stuck them in front of a microphone for the largest number of people we’ve ever had on a podcast to date.

One of the tracks of the “Superdimensional Moving Stage” as seen from the ground.

Please excuse the chaos – everyone was pretty well decultured – as we attempt to describe what may well turn out to be the biggest Macross event of 2018. (More pics and setlists to following a future post)

(Image property of Animatetimes.com)

A big thanks to everyone who took time out to drop by and contribute to this cast, especially after having been on their feet for three and a half hours at the Walkure concert. Here’s where you can find some of them:

Follow Celia on the Reanimated Podcast.

Follow Patrick on Oh No Anime over at Youtube.

And finally, you can find Karice over at Whiteboxgems.

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