SpeakerPODcast Ep.105 – Deltama Mission 3.3

Karice joins the SpeakerPODcast Crew in the middle of a very noisy izakaya to discuss a recent Macross fan club event. Why is one of the producers of Macross talking about VF-X? What do Macross 2 and Macross Delta have in common? And what is the one possible hint that we’ve gotten regarding the new show?

Renato also weighs in on Passionate Walkure (hey, he liked it!) before breaking down the recent remixed reboot of Macross the First. We then wrap things up with a bit of Yoshiki Fukuyama. BOYCYCLES!

Timestamps and pics follow the jump.

Episode 105 Timestamps
00:00:00: Please excuse the noise ^^;
00:01:30: Delta,a Mission 3.3 fanclub event report.
00:39:50: Karice & Renato’s impressions of Passionate Walkure.
01:13:43: Macross The First – Remixed & Rebooted!
01:36:30: Yoshiiki Fukuyama London Magic Returns Tour.
Buffer music this episode is from  Colon 8bit Music – they do some terrific chip tunes covers of anime songs. Check out their Youtube channel for more!

Photo property of Yoshiki Fukuyama’s twitter account.

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