SpeakerPODcast Ep.107 – Ready Pandora One

The SpeakerPODcast Crew sits down to give some impressions of Ready Player One from a uniquely Japanese perspective, while Craig and Celia call in to discuss Shoji Kawamori’s Juushinki Pandora.

Plus, the latest bluray and Uta Macross announcements!

 Timestamps follow the jump!

The M.O.E.V is a pretty cool-looking design.

Episode 107 Timestamps
00:00:00: Ready Player One.
01:01:00: SCOOPUDA! Passionate Walkure Bluray announced!
01:08:40: Talkin’ Pandora with Craig & Celia.
01:43:40: Uta Macross livestream report & latest happenings.
 Don’t forget to checkout Craig & Celia on the Re-animated Podcast.
You can also find Celia’s latest cosplay at Celia Rose Cosplay on Facebook.

In Japan, Akira isn’t spelled アキラ, it’s AKIRA 🙂

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