SpeakerPODcast Ep.108 – Spudger not included

It was supposed to be a quiet Sunday morning podcast but then we kinda news-jacked ourselves from the future and well… it’s complicated, okay?

What’s not complicated is the sheer amount of cool anime stuff that’s been happening recently! We visit the Cowboy Bebop cafe, watch Macross Delta Passionate Walkure in MX4D, hear a bunch of Macross 2 songs performed live in concert, discuss Sentinel’s new Mospeada Ride Armor and go to not one, but two Shoji Kawamori talkshows to hear all about the creation of Passionate Walkure and the designing of the Armored VF-31 – that’s right, it’s double the Kawamori this episode of the SpeakerPODcast!

Adding Armor Parts to the VF-31, and Kawamori’s edits to Mikumo’s 3D model from the Delta movie.

Episode 108 Timestamps

00:01:11: News!
-Haruhiko Mikimoto Character Works.
-Macross: The Art 1982-2018.
00:06:12: Shoji Kawamori Exhibit.
00:16:25: Oldskool fan stories
00:23:35: Cowboy Bebop Cafe
00:39:20: Shoji Kawamori Pandora talkshow
00:51:54: Shoji Kawamori MacrossΔ talkshow
01:11:15: Super Robot Spirits 2018
01:29:10: MacrossΔ Passionate Walkure in MX4D!
01:52:38: Sentinel Mospeada Ride Armor impressions
02:10:53: G-Session Live 7th

Staff testing the MX4D effects for Macross Delta.

Shoji Kawamori at the Animate Pandora Exhibit (photo’s property of the Satelight twitter acc.)

2018 is shaping up to be another good year for Macross fans!

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