SpeakerPODcast Ep.109 – Yamato 2202 Ch.5: Purgatory

Chapter 5 of Yamato 2202 (episodes 15-18) is out and Tim Eldred joins us to catch up on the latest news, merchandise and controversy, before walking through every element in detail and help us put the dots together.
Does Chapter 5 deliver on promises that previous episodes hinted at? Join us to find out!

Despite the controversy that the unveiling of the “Galaxy” has caused among some sectors of the fan community, it actually isn’t a new design at all.

Dessler, please don’t shoot at the incorporeal intergalactic entity.

Episode 109 Timestamps
00:00:00: Yamato NEWS! Recent happenings & products.
00:29:50: Yamato 2202 Ch.5 Purgatory – Theatrical screenings, breakdown & analysis.
02:01:35: Overview & final thoughts.

Don’t forget to follow all the latest Yamato news over at Tim’s website, COSMO DNA.

Our first glimpses of Saki Todo have seen her do nothing but grimace, but the mobile game has already presented her lighter side.

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