SpeakerPODcast Ep.113 – Macross Panel @ Anime Expo 2018

This may well be the longest, most info-packed podcast we have ever done – but it certainly wasn’t planned that way!

We start off on a rather somber note this episode, as the Crew shares their thoughts on the recent passing of Unsho Ishizuka. Then it’s time for a “quick” news and event catchup before discussing the Macross panel at Anime Expo 2018 that Adrian and Mike helped out at.

Waiting for the premiere of Good Job at Akihabara.

We then have a partial recording of said panel (it cut off before the end of the panel), followed by a wrap-up that was recorded immediately post-panel.

Oh, we manage to drop by Akihabara for the return of May’n and Megumi Nakajima and the debut of their first ever Music Video together! Adrian also meets a certain Macross-related artist that has actually had their work published outside of Japan. Care to guess who it could be? Tune in to find out!

All this and September hasn’t even started yet!

Passionate Share Macross Delta

Akihabara Macross fans. Photo from Twitter user @kaztsu

Episode 113 – Timestamps
00:02:36: Remembering Unsho Ishizuka
00:16:48: Uta Macross Update (Ver.2.0)
00:22:00: Good Job MV & new Frontier songs in Uta Macross
00:34:30: Adrian meets Macross 2 manga artist Tsuguo Okazaki
00:4246: Passionate Oshare Macross Delta popup shop report
00:56:40: Upcoming Macross x Orguss talkshow
00:58:37: Walkure Won’t Betray You bluray announced
01:01:05: Walkure Cafe 2018 announced
01:02:45: Anime Expo 2018 Report
01:17:47: Walkure World: Macross Flashback 2021 Panel recording
02:22:04: Macross panel wrap-up & comments

Good Job is back in Uta Macross, as are May’n & Megumi!

Tributes to the late Unsho Ishizuka:

Hidetaka Tenjin: https://twitter.com/tenjin_hidetaka/status/1030346710248087552?s=21

-Nobuteru Yuuki: https://twitter.com/nobuteruyuuki/status/1031064306782154753?s=21

Traditional ink art to commemorate the upcoming Macross Orchestra.

From the official Uta Macross Twitter: @uta_macross



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