SpeakerPODcast Ep.115 – No Betray! No Stop!

We’re at ground zero as an all-new Macross Delta theatrical anime and the first Crossover Live in 6 years are announced! What exactly happened? Why does Roid have a food truck? Which near-encounter with a Macross celebrity made Cassie speechless? Why won’t Tony smile? What is Tim’s relationship with marsupials? And what exactly happened in “the Pit”?

Come and join us in the aftermath of all the excitement for our full report and breakdown of the announcements and the Walkure Premium Live 2018.

Photo property of Animatetimes.com

Episode 115 – Timestamps
00:03:00: Macross Crossover Live 2019 announced!
00:16:48: All-new Macross Delta theatrical anime announced!
00:33:20: Walkure Premium Live Event 2018 report.

While photography was prohibited at the event, Animate Times has posted a report in Japanese with some terrific photos.

Thanks to Cassie for the following photos of Roid’s nefarious food truck!


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