SpeakerPODcast Ep.119 – A Series of Nooks

Photo courtesy of entertainmentstation.jp

In case you’re wondering, the title of this episode refers to the series of Macross nooks we found while visiting Macross The Art (pictured above). 

Similarly, this episode is a series of reports and discoveries the likes of which have never been covered by a single podcast ever before!

We visit Macross the Art, uncover long-lost VF-0 lineart, hear a live audio commentary by Shoji Kawamori himself and learn all about the making of the notorious SDFM episode “Phantasm”.

But that’s just the beginning! We then meet conductor Kenichi Shimura and experience Yoko Kanno’s BGM work on Macross Frontier performed by a full orchestra. After that, it’s time to talk to the scenario writer of Macross, Kenichi Matsuzaki about the Supervision Army and hear mechanical designer Kazutaka Miyatake discuss his new personal best work.

It’s more deculture than ever before, so throw on some headphones, kickback, and enjoy.

These shots were instrumental in the making of “Phantasm”.

The view from the Conductor’s podium. (Photo courtesy of Kenichi Shimura.)

Episode 119 Timestamps
00:01:52: Macross the Art.
00:33:40: Live audio commentary by Shoji Kawamori & Hidetaka Tenjin of Macross, Macross Plus and Macross 7.
00:54:00: The making of “Phantasm”, Superdimension Fortress Macross Ep.17.
01:08:10: Macross x Orguss Talkshow 1.
01:10:45: Macross Cafe.
01:26:34: Superdimensional Orchestra F.
01:45:00: Close encounters of the Macross kind.
01:57:05: Bits & Pieces:
   -Yoshiki Fukuyama sings in a typhoon.
   -Strap Chaos!
   -Strap Chaos!
   -DYRL in SRWxΩ.
02:03:20: Yaya Han visits the VF-25.
02:14:28: Tamashii Nations 2018.
02:26:48: Macross x Orguss Talkshow 2, the Supervison Army, and Kazukata Miyatake’s new greatest design(s).
03:44:50: The Wings of Farewell in MX4D!

Audience shot at the Superdimensional Orchestra. (Photo courtesy of Kenichi Shimura)

Music featured in this episode includes the following fan artists. Be sure to subscribe to their channels!
-Aimo by Yuko Ota
-Shao Pai Ron by Hara-kun
-Macross Delta covers by Nagareda Project
-Obelisk by Hazuki
-Lion by muu

Macross & Orguss Talkshow 2. (Photo courtesy of Run Sasaki)

How many Macross Frontier pics does it take to cover a hallway? (Robo Kichi)

A full gallery of official photographs from Macross the Art can be found over at Entertainment Station.
The Sweet Wasabi Podcast (featuring Renato) can be found here.
Details on the Mitsukoshi Theatre can be found here.
Crusher Joe Audio novels can be purchased (in Japanese) from Kikubon.
Yoshiki Fukuyama’s blog and pics can be found on his official site.
Run Sasaki on Twitter.

WE BEAT THE CLOCK! (And the Typhoon – photo courtesy of Yoshiki Fukuyama’s official blog)

Who said Macross 2 is forgotten? Far from it! (Photo courtesy of Entertainment Station)

Is Roy Focker back?!

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