SpeakerPODcast Ep.123 – How much news can we fit in a single podcast?

This was supposed to be our Wonder Festival 2019 (Winter) podcast. And I guess it still is. Sort of.

But there’s a whole lot of news to get through first! Not to mention Cassie & Mary joining us to talk about the Oshare Macross Boys popup shop. We also attend the Macross Frontier 10th Anniversary Gorgeous, Delicious, Deculture Festival to hear about what it was like to be a Misa fan 37 years ago and the third love interest that was cut from Macross Frontier: The Wings of Farewell.

Oh, and did we mention that Sharon Apple is BACK?!

Celebrating 10 years of Macross Frontier. (Photo courtesy of @mamegu_staff on Twitter)

Click HERE for the Ultimate Macross Poll. Don’t forget to cast your vote!

You can read ANN’s article on it HERE.

Studio New is back to talk about Syd Mead. (Photo credit: http://animationbusiness.info )

Episode 123 Timestamps

00:01:40: News!

Shoji Kawamori Expo announced
Robokichi renovations
Macross Plus comes to Uta Macross (finally!)
00:13:50: Oshare Macross Boys Report
00:51:36: More News!
More details on the Shoji Kawamori Expo
Syd Mead TYO Exhibit
NHK’s Ultimate Macross Poll!
Top 10 Hesei Era karaoke songs
01:32:04: Gorgeous Delicious Deculture Festival!

01:53:25: Wonder Festival Winter 2019

Mary meets Lady Beard at Wonder Festival.

Click HERE for the current lineup of merchandise for June’s Macross Crossover Live.
Want the latest details on Shoj Kawamori Expo? Visit the official website!

Pictures from the Studio New x Syd Mead talkshow can be found HERE.

Recent article from the South China Morning Post on Shoji Kawamori.

So how about that new Macross Frontier Pachinko, eh?

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