SPEAKERPODCAST EP.132 – Absolute Explosion!

The SpeakerPODcast Crew is on the scene at this year’s All-Japan Model and Hobby Show to see the unveiling of the latest Valkyrie design and hear all the latest updates regarding next year’s Macross Delta Movie Absolute Live!!!!! (hence all the background noise, sorry ^^;)

Renato also joins us to talk about the recent BASARA EXPLOSION 2019 concert before we derail completely into a discussion about the recent Go Nagai And Isao Takahata exhibits.

Which was better? What IS the Mazinvalkyrie? And why won’t Karice put Uta Macross down long enough to finish the cast?

Yoshiki Fukuyama, Nobutoshi Canna & Mica Okudoi play to a packed house! Pic courtesy of https://twitter.com/yoshikifukuyama

Episode 132 Timestamps!
00:01:51: Macross Delta Absolute Live!!!!!! logo and new Valkyrie reveal.
00:33:25: News!
-Macross 7 x Yoronataki 25th Ann. collab event
-Macross Illumination Live in Lake Sagami
-Return of the Hi-Metal R line
-Hachette VF-1S
00:52:33: Basara Explosion 2019
01:58:57: Go Nagai & Isao Takahata Exhibits

Music this episode comes from a 2017 street performance by Yoshiki Fukuyama himself and Mica Okudoi’s official Youtube channel.

November’s upcoming Macross Crossover Live!!!!!! is going to require a bit of effort to get to ^^;

An official gallery of Go Nagai exhibit photos can be found HERE.

For some photos of the Isao Takahata exhibit, go HERE.

The infamous Mazinvalkyrie by Shoji Kawamori.

This is apparently a recreation of Go Nagai’s desk.

THIS guy.

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