SPEAKERPODCAST EP.135 – Superdimensional Meets

It’s time for a catchup of superdimensional proportions as the Crew attempts to cover the last 5 months of happenings in the Macross franchise.

Starting with all the latest news, we discuss the new single announcement and bluray release, the Illumination Live, Wonder Festival, Tamashi Nations, F-band, the recent Yoshiyuki Takani exhibit, and much much more!

The announcement of Walkure’s upcoming single.
Macross Won’t Stop Special Disc
Episode 135 Timestamps!
00:03:06: News!
-Macross Won’t Stop Special Disc live event & new Walkure single announcement.
-Oshare Macross Boys 2 announced.
-Macross The First goes on hiatus (again).
-Basara & Mylene figures announced.
-Sheryl Nome GORGEOUS figure from Alpha Omega announced.
Onkyo Direct collaboration.
-Shoji Kawamori’s Wena Wrist Smartwatch.
-Small Worlds themepark.
-Hachette VF-1S.
-Twitter Trend Awards 2019.
-Robo-kichi closure.
-JASDF collaboration.
00:55:30: F-Band Won’t Stop 20th Ann. gig Report.
01:06:30: Macross Won’t Stop Special Disc Review.
01:36:48: Macross Illumination Live!!!!!! at Sagamiko.
02:03:28: Wonder Festival Winter 2020.
02:27:56: Tamashii Nations 2019.
02:58:58: Yoshiyuki Takani Exhibit.
03:07:30: Macross 7 25th Anniversary Collaboration.
03:11:58: Recent model exhibits.
Yoshiki Fukuyama at F-Band Won’t Stop (@MOJOST_official)
F-Band Won’t Stop setlist

Music this episode includes:

-Do You Remember Love – cover by Hiroko Moriguchi
-Lonely Soldier Boy – Malaysian cover by Hujan
-Tongue twister – by May’n
and more.
Macross x JASDF Recruitment Collaboration
Onkyo’s new headphones use art from last year’s crossover.
Macross 7 25th Ann. restaurant.
Hachette’s VF-1S in stores NOW!
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