SPEAKERPODCAST EP.137 – Megazone 23 XI

Three years after being successfully crowd-funded, the trailer for Megazone 23 XI (Sai) is finally here… but was it worth the wait?
The SpeakerPODcast Crew is here to give their verdict – but first we need to drop by Tower Records to pick up the latest Megazone 23 CD.

2020’s hottest NEW RELEASE!
Walkure’s latest single is in stores now!

Episode 137 Timestamps!
00:01:44: Breaking News!
-Goodbye Sankyo.
00:11:23: Other News!
-New Walkure single is out and charting!
-Walkure 2020 tour postponed.
-Variable Fighter Master File delayed.
-Macross comes to Amazon Music.
-Macross Zero in SRWΩ
-Everyone is singing online!
00:36:32: Buying a new Megazone CD from Tower Records in 2020.
01:08:10: Megazone 23 XI review.

Shortly after recording this podcast – the physical copy finally arrived.
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