SPEAKERPODCAST EP.140 – Livin’ in the Labyrinth of Time

With the announcement of a new Macross Frontier theatrical short (whatever exactly that is) hot on the heels of the first teaser trailer for Macross Delta Zeta Live!!!!!! there’s a lot to talk about!

Join us as we get into it all, on the world’s only “Macross lifestyle” podcast!

May’n and Megumi reunite to discuss Cosmic Cune 10 years after…

Episode 140 Timestamps!
00:01:15: BREAKING News!
 –Macross Delta Zettai Live!!!!!! teaser trailer.
 –Macross Frontier: The Labyrinth of Time announced.
00:01:15: News!
Frontier gig postponed & Mikimoto book delayed (again).
-Hiroko Moriguchi sings Macross 2.
-M-tama online fan event announced.
-Sankyo announces MacrossΔ Pachislot machine.
-Super Robot Wars Cross Omega to close down on March 31.
01:08:05: Walkure Won’t Give Up theatrical screening.
01:21:50: Air Uta Macross F & Air Macross F (Cosmic Cune).
01:32:18: Oshare Macross 10.
01:45:45: Mikimoto exhibit.
01:55:10: Koji Morimoto cafe exhibit.
02:08:30: Recent anime screenings.

Hiroko Moriguchi sings Macross 2.

Music this episode includes:
Mou Ichido Love You by Hiroko Moriguchi.
Triangle by Marin.
Lion by Takanashi Kiara.
Do You Remember Love? by Yuka Hoshio.

Give them a follow for more terrific anime covers!

Hey, I think I’ve heard of this “Haruhiko Mikimoto” guy somewhere before…
This piece at the recent Koji Morimoto gallery evokes his Sharon Apple work on Macross Plus.
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