After multiple delays, Gundam: Hathaway finally hit Japanese cinemas on June 11, before receiving an unprecedentedly fast release international release via Netflix on July 1.
So now that it’s out, let’s talk about what all the hype is about, whether it’s warranted, and why more people aren’t talking about Mace Flower.

Oh, and the figures we’ve been waiting for for a quarter century finally have some details!

Episode 142 Timestamps!
00:01:18: News!
   -Megahouse Basara and Mylene figure details announced.
   -New English content on the official Macross Youtube Channel.
   -“Macross Weekend” coming up on July 3-4.
   -Armored Kairos?!
   -Bandai resurrects their SD Macross model kit line.
   -Kazutaka Miyatake hospitalized.
00:19:53: Gundam: Hathaway! 

The preferred beverage of terrorists!

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Oh that’s right. There were also some robots in this show ^^;
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