SpeakerPODcast Ep. 5, Part 2 – We got M.ALTed!

Patrick "Moepocalypse' Galbraith

Patrick “Moepocalypse’ Galbraith

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Episode 5, Part 2
00:00 – More Macross 7 (or something like that)
00:56 – Whatcha been watchin?
01:06 – Let’s news
-Yoshiki Fukuyama hospitalized
-Super Dimensional Seminar
-DYRL documentary – “The Men Who Made Macross.’
-Valk news
-Macross the Musicalture
-DYRL theatrical screening impressions.

You can find Matt’s interview of Patrick here.

While you’re at it, Patrick’s books can be found here and here.

Mats can be found herehere and here.

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