SPEAKERPODCAST EP.52 – Fly a kite, have a beer.


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Mixing things up a bit in-between GerTalks this episode, Renato drops by the FireBomBAR in Osaka to see what people think of Macross Delta. Meanwhile, over in the US, Richard, Kyle and Jason discuss Wave’s recent announcement of a VF-4 model kit as well as – what else – Macross Delta!

So sit back, turn up the volume, and fly a kite, have a beer.

Early 3D modelling of Wave's newly announced VF-4 kit.

Early 3D modelling of Wave’s newly announced VF-4 kit.

VF-4 Master File mock up.

VF-4 Master File mock up.

Details tbd.

Details tbd.

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Gwyn Campbell

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