Multiple new projects have been announced for the Macross’ 35th anniversary and beyond, and the SpeakerPODcast Crew and friends were at ground zero when the announcement occurred.
What was actually announced? How did the fans react? We sit down with a couple of well-earned Chu-hi’s and go over all the news.

But wait! Wasn’t there some sort of concert that went with the announcement too?
Yes, it was also Walkure’s 2nd concert, ‘Walkure Won’t Stop’ – over three hours of music, as well as some very special guests and terrific new footage of the Macross Elysion.

Wakure isn’t stopping and neither is Macross. It’s shaping up to be one hell of a 35th anniversary.

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This is what 17,000 Macross fans looks like.

EP.74 – Timestamps
00:02:29: 35th Anniversary project announcements (Planetarium, Theatre, VR, Shop, Toys, Amusement, Network).
00:18:21: New animation announcement and general.
00:21:45: Stripping in the lobby.
00:30:43: Walkure Won’t Stop
00:33:35: Immediate post-concert impressions.
01:03:51: Detailed concert impressions

Music this episode comes from the talented Kana Hoo and  Kuroto2000 – follow them on YouTube for more great music!

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