SpeakerPODcast EP.80 – Under The Dog

In an attempt to branch off into an anime which has only the most minimal of connections to Macross, the SpeakerPODcast Crew sit down to watch their freshly delivered bluray copies of Under The Dog (and yes, there IS a connection).
Did it succeed in ‘saving’ anime?
Of course, we also cover the latest Macross news as well, and Adrian has an eyewitness account of the debut of the latest Sheryl Nome song in Akihabara.

When this many people gather for a new 90 seconds of animation, it’s safe to say that Macross Frontier’s popularity hasn’t waned.

Timestamps follow the jump.

Nice looking bike, isn’t it? NOT THAT IT APPEARS IN THE ACTUAL SHOW!

EP.80 – Timestamps
00:02:24: Latest Macross manga news.
00:02:54: Sheryl Nome comeback announcement
00:06:19: ‘Goooorgeous’ reveal report (& why Adrian was chasing a truck)
00:28:21: Under The Dog: The kickstarter, the controversy, our impressions, and more.


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Gwyn Campbell

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