SpeakerPODcast EP.84 – The BLAME! name game.

The Crew checks in with all the latest Macross news before settling in to watch the recently released CG adaptation of Tsutomu Nihei’s BLAME! (ブラム) .

How well does it stack up against the manga? And how is it supposed to be pronounced, anyway?!?

Oh and we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Macross 2 in our own unique way…

This toy is really, really good.

Timestamps, photos, movies & download links follow the jump!

The BLAME! movie lacks the body horror of the manga.

Episode 84 Timestamps

00:00:00: What’s in a name?
00:06:30: News.
00:06:49: Hi-Metal R Spartan and VF-31 fast packs.
00:17:15: Uta Macross delayed until Summer.
00:21:02: Shoji Kawamori Ted Talk.
00:23:37: Non-Stop Walkure!
00:25:15: Walkure announced for Rock In Japan.
00:28:00: Super Dimension Orchestra announced.
00:33:23: Softmap Macross 3th Anniversary campaign.
00:34:45: 25th Anniversary of Macross 2.
00:38:55: Knight’s & Magic
00:44:07: BLAME! impressions.
01:49:30: Mass-produced Orguss.

Two Macross legends reunited.

Get your Macross 7 postcards from Softmap!

Renato is SO gonna buy one of these.

For more Mega Hobby Expo 2017 announcements, check out this link.

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