SpeakerPODcast EP.85 – Macross Delta: Your Say!

With the series over, the blurays all on sale, and the concerts done, it’s time for you, the listeners, to have a final say on what you thought of Macross Delta!

Remember that listener submission podcast we did for the preview broadcast of episode 1? Well, once again, this episode is all about what the fans had to say. What did people like about Delta? What weren’t they so keen on? The answers might just surprise you, so tune in to find out!
All opinions expressed are solely those of the speaker/s. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit something. Without you, this podcast wouldn’t be possible.

Episode 85 Timestamps
00:21:37: iblessall
00:26:56: Frank Reynolds
00:38:30: Arbit
00:43:17: Jeff Gondek
00:57:08: Chicago Howard
00:56:26: K.G.Jung
01:18:22: Jeff ‘Jefuemon’
01:23:06: Jason C.
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