SpeakerPODcast Ep.87 – Tomonori Kogawa & Wonder Festival 2017 Summer.

We went out looking for a paper mache Valkyrie, but somehow ended up in a small room with Ideon/Dunbine/Southern Cross Character Designer Tomonori Kogawa for FOUR hours… how on earth did THAT happen? (hint: Adrian).

We also go over all the latest toy news from Wonder Festival and OH THERE’S A NEW MACROSS DELTA MOVIE ON THE WAY! Time to GIRI GIRI AIgain!

Episode 87 Timestamps:

00:09:47: Asagaya Tanabata Festival Valkyrie.
00:17:24: Meeting TOMONORI KOGAWA!
01:05:40: Macross 7 reruns with Renato.
01:21:52: Uta Macross is out!
01:37:25: Wonder Festival Summer 2017.
The complete Wonder Festival photo gallery can be found HERE.

If you hit it with a stick, will little candy Fockers fall out?

Tomonori Kogawa drawing Cham from Aura Battler Dunbine.

Tomonori Kogawa’s Fanclub page can be found HERE.

Music this episode includes:
Dynamite explosion by Ryoo Yu.
When my Rune sparkles by AnimeSongCollabo.
Hoshi No Deja Vu Stellar Deja Vu by Yoko Katori.
Yakusoku by Yoko Katori.

Because even in a rhythm game, Max is still a genius.

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