SPEAKERPODCAST EP.91 – Gotta have a party, GUNHED!

With the Superdimensional Orchestra behind us, and a Delta movie announcement only days away, the SpeakerPODcast Crew grabs a moment to catch up on all the recent events and goings on.

We met anison legend MiQ, discuss the latest Megazone 23 crowdfunding campaign, drop by JUNNA’s first solo gig, and discuss Mylene’s new voice actress in Uta Macross before hitting up 1989’s GUNHED at an exclusive theatrical screening. How does it hold up? Is it as bad as many remember it as being? And just how awesome is Shoji Kawamori’s GUNHED design!?!

Timestamps and pics follow the JUMP.

MiQ and friends.


00:01:19: NEWS!
   -Hi-Metal R releases and announcements (VF-1s 35th Ann, VF-2SS, Regult Set, VE-1E Elintseeker)
   -Sheryl Nome Figuarts
   -Arcadia SDF-1 Premium Finish Ver., Garland.
   -Macross Variable Fighter Designers Note announced.
   -DYRL to be screened at Bakuon Film Fes.
   -Ueno Macross Movie Friday.
   -Delta movie announcement announcement.
00:29:20: Gwyn’s Megazone Minute.
00:41:20: Uta Macross.
01:06:00: Return to Macross Beach House.
01:12:52: Tomonori Friends (& MiQ!).
01:24:02: JUNNA’s first solo gig.
01:42:10: GUNHED theatrical screening.
02:13:40: Legal shenanigans.
02:18:30: Comiket 92.
02:30:48: C3.
Our photo gallery from the previous GUNHED exhibit can be found HERE.
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