SPEAKERPODCAST EP.92 – Passionate Walkure!

Waiting with SNN reporter Tsutomu “Hibiki Kanzaki” Takayama

Passionate Walkure – the Macross Delta movie – has been announced to a packed crowd of 5000 Macross fans, and the SpeakerPODcast Crew was there to capture all the details.

Our most important take away? Shoji Kawamori needs to perform on stage with Walkure more often!

Egan also reports back from the official announcement even for Shoji Kawamori’s latest television anime project – Juushinki Pandora (previously known as The Next).

Timestamps and pics follow the JUMP!

Now THIS is how you decorate a cinema lobby!


00:00:00: “Live” from the Delta movie announcement in Kawasaki.
00:07:00: Passionate Walkure, Walkure Won’t Betray You
00:34:34: 35th Anniversary Blue Moon Show Case in Tokyo Skytree
00:37:35: DYRL at the Bakuon Film Festival
00:52:25: Juushinki Pandora (formally known as The Next)
01:18:15: New Under the Dog Kickstarter
01:22:15: Don’t forget to go to SUPER DIMENSION CONVENTION!

The entrance to the PANDORA announcement event.

Dualis, Gunhed and Aquarian, all rolled into one.

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