SPEAKERPODCAST EP.95 -The doctor is region locked!

Dr. Craig Norris joins the SpeakerPODcast Crew on a visit to this year’s Tamashii Nations toy fair. There were a fair few Macross items on display this year, including a YF-19 that might just have a few tricks up its sleeve.

We also discuss the new Macross Delta movie key visual and visit Toho Cinema’s in Ueno to catch Macross Plus and some Macross 7 on the silver screen. All this, plus a new VF-2SS and… Biollante???… on this episode of the SpeakerPODcast!

Remember this?

00:04:18: Tamashii Nation 2017
00:13:00: Valkyrie Project
00:25:00: Hi-Metal R VF-2SS
00:39:00: Talkshow, Passionate Walkure key visual reveal and more chogokin.
01:10:00: Craig’s Godzilla Minute
01:23:00: More Tamashii Nation
01:43:30: Macross movie festival
01:57:25: Dr. Norris’ Japan experience.

This is why I can’t take Renato (also known as Renato) anywhere. 

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