SPEAKERPODCAST EP.96 – The eyes have it.

Having just come out of a live Macross drawing in the heart of Asagaya Anime Street, we grabbed a table at a nearby cafeteria to drop this latest episode of the SpeakerPODcast!

Surrounded by hungry students and locals looking for the cheapest curry udon in town, we hope you’ll excuse the noise (let’s just call it “ambience”) as we discuss seeing Macross Frontier art drawn in person before getting into our thoughts on the first trailer for what may well have been the first live action anime adaptation ever announced – Battle Angel Alita. Or, as it is now called, Alita: Battle Angel.

Adrian recounts an encounter with Batou/Domel/Solid Snake/Rider/Gato voice actor Akio Ohtsuka, Gwyn meets Leiji Matsumoto and encounters a rather unique corner of Yamato fandom, while Renato traipses around South America with Gainax co-founder Hiroaki Inoue – and yes, that IS a Macross 2 book under his arm.

At the Hirotaka Marufuji live drawing. Photo property of Mamoru Yokota. Follow him on Twitter @yokotamamoru

00:02:00: Live Macross drawing report.
00:25:30: Alita Battle Angel Trailer talk.
00:55:16: Macross FB7 theatrical screening.
01:04:40: Adrian meets Akio Ohtsuka.
01:12:55: Leiji Future 2017 report.
01:36:30: Renato’s tour of South America with Hiroaki Inoue.

That’s Leiji Matsumoto drawing up on stage.

Renato with Hiroaki Inoue and… FRANK MILLER?!?

Hikaru Ichijo with a 1:1 scale, life-sized Renato.

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