SPEAKERPODCAST EP.97 – Adrian knerds out.

It’s the final episode of 2017, as Mike joins the SpeakerPODcast Crew to discuss the controversy surrounding tickets for the latest Walkure gig, the fall of Ticket Camp, the latest happenings in Uta Macross and the Deltalk panel at Super Dimension Convention.

Adrian is also apparently shitting VF-2SS toys… and certain Youtubers have noticed!

Many thanks to the guys over at Knerdout for the shoutout!

You can checkout all of Knerdout’s toy reviews over at their YouTube page.

00:01:10: Adrian has a shit attack.
00:06:20: News:
  -Macross 35th BLUE MOON Showcase in Tokyo Skytree.
  -New Macross Delta album announced.
  -Walkure concert tickets and the fall of Ticket Camp.
  -Current popularity of the Macross franchise.
  -Macross Delta & Frontier in Super Robot Wars Cross Omega.
00:47:00: Uta Macross.
01:36:49: Adrian’s Super Dimension Con 2017 Report.
01:59:28: Deltalk panel audio recording.

Ticket Camp was playing commercials on major TV networks until just a few weeks ago.

Mirage in SRW Cross Omega.

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