SPEAKERPODCAST EP.98 – Mazinger Z Infinity

ROCKET PUNCH!!! It’s our first podcast of 2018 and *gasp* has very little to do with Macross?!?

Renato & Gwyn caught Mazinger Z Infinity and sat down in a restaurant afterwards to share some thoughts on it (SPOILERS!) before getting sidetracked by some recent articles doing the rounds on social media that seem to have lost a lot in translation. Oh, and the Mazin Gals! Because one can never have too many Mazin Gals.

Be warned – this podcast contains Mazinger Z Infinity spoilers and too much ambient noise (sorry!).

Because on can never have too much Mazin Gals.

00:00:00: Mazinger Z Infinity review & thoughts.
01:04:40: Lost in translation.
You can find “Introducing Japanese Popular Culture” here.
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