The Out-Cast: EP.2 – AOU Arcade Show

What on earth is the Out-Cast?
Well, this was a series of podcasts I did back in 2010~2012 on videogames and videogame culture in Japan for an old website with a completely different crew.
I’m republishing them here on DecultureShock, but for anyone who is interested, the original website can be found here.

Welcome to our second regular episode of the outcast. This one runs for 3 hours due to our special guest Daniel Feit. Dan also lives in japan is a freelance writer for Wired|GameLife and regularly contributes to Bitmob and his own web-page,
Download below and please leave us any comments on how we can improve this podcast. Thanks for listening.



2:48: Interests in Japan

5:22: Borderlands and PJM Encore
13:49: Valkyria Chronicles 2
23:42: Heavy Rain
34:07: Gundam Senki
37:19: Fate Stay Night and Haruhi Movies
42:09: Battleship Yamato Expo and Pachinko
46:58: Resident Evil 5 DLC
49:51: 100-Man Ton Barabara
54:41: Xenogears
56:51: Miyazaki Movies and Speed Racer

1:01:12: News in japan

  • Silent Hill Composer leaves Konami
  • God Eater Released
  • Final Fantasy XIII comparison screenshots
  • Director responds to FFXIII western scores
  • God of War III censorship is wanted!?
  • Evangelion 2.2 Blu Ray
  • Misinformation about Japanese interviews

1:30:26: AoU Arcade Show

  • Metal Gear Arcade
  • Booth Babes and Body Pillows
  • Vocaloid Attack!
  • Music GunGun and Gaia Attack 4

2:02:34: End Of Eternity – Part 2
2:13:57: Mailbag – We Reply to You!

  • Demon’s Souls in Japan
  • White Knight in Japan
  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII Impressions
  • Playing Final Fantasy XI
  • Playing XIII in English
  • Getting Jobs in Japan
  • Cultural Differences
  • How is it in Japan?
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