The Out-Cast: EP.22 – Game Of The Year 2011

What on earth is the Out-Cast?
Well, this was a series of podcasts I did back in 2010~2012 on videogames and videogame culture in Japan for an old website with a completely different crew.
I’m republishing them here on DecultureShock, but for anyone who is interested, the original website can be found here.

Hey everyone, it’s that time of the year again. Once again Kyle, Richard, and myself sit down and talk about the best games of year for nearly 3 hours. Hope you all enjoy listening!

In this episode:
Late to the Party (Best non-2011 game we played)
Guilty Pleasure
Biggest Suprise
Most Anticipated 2012 Game
Worst Game/Biggest Disappointment
Best Portable Game
Top 3 Games of 2011
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