The Out-Cast: EP.4 – Being a Gamer in Japan

What on earth is the Out-Cast?
Well, this was a series of podcasts I did back in 2010~2012 on videogames and videogame culture in Japan for an old website with a completely different crew.
I’m republishing them here on DecultureShock, but for anyone who is interested, the original website can be found here.

Welcome to our fourth regular episode of the outcast. This one runs for a bit over three hours and we look in-depth at being a gamer in Japan and the PSP’s 5th Birthday.
Download below and please leave us any comments on how we can improve this podcast. Thanks for listening.

00:00: Introduction

What you been doing?
03:13: Gwyn

  • Tokyo International Anime Fair
  • Maaya Sakamoto Concert
  • Monkeys/Nagano Trip
  • Golden Week Movies

22:41: Kyle

  • Bargains in Japan/360
  • Halo in Japan/Halo Legends
  • Lost Odyssey

37:37: Richard

  • Nier
  • Quantum Theory
  • Psychonauts
  • RE5: Lost in Nightmare/Desperate Escape
  • Scott Pilgrim vs the World
  • Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo (The Japanese Japanese People Don’t Know)

1:07:43: News

  • Big Gundam is back!
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker J-Pop Music Video
  • God of War 3 without English
  • 3DS

1:29:26: Happy 5th Birthday PSP!

  • Our personal PSP stories and favorite PSP titles
  • DS vs PSP
  • The Future of the PSP

1:56:57: Being an “International Gamer” in Japan
(Region Locking, Language Tracks, and Censorship)

  • Playstation 3
  • PSP
  • 360
  • DS
  • Wii

2:36:37: Let’s E-Mailing!

  • How is Silent Hill viewed in Japan?
  • Who is your most loved/hated Final Fantasy XIII character?
  • Does Square care more about FFXI’s Japanese player-base?
  • Do Japanese gamers really have multiple DS systems?
  • Where should I study in Japan?
  • Why has there been a recent spike in Japanese PS3 sales?
  • How can I help out the Out-Cast?
  • What is the Out-Cast’s release schedule?
  • What would Mario’s voice sound like?

Song List

Everywhere – Maaya Sakamoto
Koi no yokushiryoku – Nana Mizuki
Under the apple tree – FF7 Crisis Core
Movin’ in Circles – Ridge Racer 4
Silent Hill theme – Akira Yamaoka
Kiseki no Umi – Maaya Sakamoto
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