The Out-Cast: EP.5 – Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

What on earth is the Out-Cast?
Well, this was a series of podcasts I did back in 2010~2012 on videogames and videogame culture in Japan for an old website with a completely different crew.
I’m republishing them here on DecultureShock, but for anyone who is interested, the original website can be found here.

This is the fifth episode of the Out-Cast. This time we have one thing and one thing only on our minds: Metal Gear. So join us as we spend nearly three hours on Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Download below and please leave us any comments on how we can improve this podcast. Thanks for listening.


00:00: Introduction

What’s the Happs?
01:56: Richard

* Mass Effect 2
* No More Heroes’ Paradise
* Lost and the Damned/Ballad of Gay Tony
* Moving

11:40: Kyle
* Jamming on the Roads
* Muteki Mario
* Evangelion Convenience Store
* Relevance of Evangelion in Japan

31:43: Gwyn
* PSP in Australia
* Misinformation in game stores
* Trigun: Badlands Rumble and King of Thorn
* Halo Reach Beta

* What have we played?
* Our first Metal Gear Experiences
* The Hayter Hater and Otsuka Akio
* Themes in Metal Gear
* Past Hype for Metal Gear

01:39:49: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
* Peace Walker Hype and the PSP
* Graphics
* Gameplay and Camera
* Getting your army and weapons
* Japanese Cast
* Co-Ops
* Story
* What you can do post game and the epilogue
* Extra Missions
* Final Thoughts

2:22:32: Let’s E-Mailing!
* How fast to games price drop in Japan?
* Does ship games to America?
* Is the PSN a world wide network?
* How much is an apartment in Toyko?
* What Japanese music do we like?
* Why didn’t Fatal Frame 4 come out in the west?
* What is this Macross thing you keep talking about?
* How is the cell phone gaming market in Japan?

Song List

Metal Gear Solid Main theme
Zankokuna Tenshi no Teze – Evangelion
The best is yet to come – Metal Gear Solid end theme
Heaven’s Divide – Donna Bourke (MGS: Peace Walker)
Snake Eater – Metal Gear Solid 3
Metal Gear Solid Control Mix

Eva Race Team Pic is property of the official Evangelion Website
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