The Out-Cast: EP.9 – Tokyo Game Show 2010 Predictions

What on earth is the Out-Cast?
Well, this was a series of podcasts I did back in 2010~2012 on videogames and videogame culture in Japan for an old website with a completely different crew.
I’m republishing them here on DecultureShock, but for anyone who is interested, the original website can be found here.

We’re back with our last show before TGS 2010. This is really crunch time for all of us, so this episode we attempt the podcast for the first time over Skype and cover our predictions for Japan’s biggest video game expo. And while the mail bag may not return till after TGS, please don’t let that stop you from leaving any comments or questions in the section bellow.

00:00:00: What’s the Happs?

  • Concerts and Conventions
  • Akira in the Opera House
  • Scott Pilgrim vs the World
  • Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game
  • Hyperdimension Game Neptune
  • Fuji-Q Highland Evangelion
  • Another Century’s Episode R
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance
  • New TV
  • Mirrors Edge

01:19:05: Tokyo Game Show 2010 Predictions

  • PSP 2
  • 3DS
  • Move
  • Metal Gear Solid Arcade
  • Kinect
  • Cathrine
  • The 3rd Birthday
  • Final Fantasy Agito XIII
  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Monster Hunter 3rd
  • Macross Games
  • Idol Master 2
  • God Eater Burst
  • The Last Guardian
  • Shadow of the Colossus/ICO HD
  • Vanquish
  • Quantum
  • Capcom fighting games
  • Gran Turismo 5
  • Ni no Kuni
  • Yakuza the end
  • Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded
  • Kingdom Hearts 3DS
  • Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Song List:
Maria & Joker – Nana Mizuki

Let me be with you – Anime House Project, Oshare Selection Vol. 1
Shackles of Night (Vocaloid ver.)
Fly me to the moon – Anime House Project, Oshare Selection Vol. 1
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