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Mylene Night #02 Report

The following report comes from SpeakerPODcast regular Renato. 

On February 2nd, 2012, Mylene Jenius celebrated her -19th (that’s MINUS nineteenth) birthday, and to celebrate, psychedelic goth rockin’ lady Chie Kajiura got together with her band and some other friends to perform in a second annual “Mylene Night” concert, consisting of INCREDIBLE renditions of Macross songs old and new.

Adrian, Gwyn and I scored some tickets and mosey’d on down to check it out.

Mylene Night #01 Report

February 2nd is a very special day that a lot of people tend to forget. It’s the birthday of Mylene Jenius, 7th daughter of the most awesome couple ever to pilot a pair of Valkries, Maximilian Jenius and Milia Fallyna Jenius. She is possibly also the first character in a Macross series to make fans of the original feel guilty and somewhat ashamed of themselves when they realised that they were watching jailbait. And what the hell is it with Mikimoto putting the letter L in so many characters names?


When I coined the term ‘Macrossmas’ to some fellow Japanese fans, they thought it pretty funny. The term flows a little better in Japanese (マクロスマス) than English, and is the type of otaku pun I enjoy playing with. The idea for it was the seemingly coincidental timing of a bunch of Macross events right around Christmas time.

(1)Dec. 22: Macross Frontier Christmas Live @ Budokan (Tokyo)
(2)Dec. 24: Macross Frontier Christmas Live @ Port island Hall (Kobe)
(3)Dec. 25: Yoshiki Fukuyama – The 2nd Asia Live Tour (Kyoto)
(4)Dec. 26: Akino Arai – Sounds of Aurora Christmas Live (Tokyo)

May’n BIG WAAAAAAAVE! Concert Report

(c) May’n

When it was first announced last year that May’n would be doing another Budokan gig, I initially decided not to go. After all, I’d seen May’n live plenty of times before (4 times in 12 months at that point) and the last solo concert she did – 2009 Summer Concert LOVE & JOY – showed that she was trying to move ahead and establish herself solo career apart from her fame for Kanno’s Macross Frontier songs. The song split at LOVE & JOY was approx. 60% May’n songs and 40% Macross F songs. Now, while I don’t mind some of May’ns original stuff, I vastly prefer her Macross songs, so at that point I decided not to go to any more of her solo gigs.

But then something happened – Universal Bunny came out. As a sheer Sheryl Nome experience, May’n and Kanno blew my socks off with Universal Bunny. I liked every damn song on the album and knew that…sigh… I had to see them performed live.