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DYRL Bluray Remaster Screening

So I just got back from the first ever screening of the new BD remaster of DYRL with Adrian. After 7 hrs straight at the cinema, its now 7:30 in the morning and I’m just about ready to crash. Before succumbing to sleep however, I have a few observations to make about the remaster – some of which may be a little surprising.

First of all – the GOOD stuff. The new 5...

Haruhiko Mikimoto Exhibit 2012

Haruhiko Mikimoto held his annual art exhibition at the Art Jeuness gallery space in Akihabara from Feb. 23rd ~ 27th . As in previous years the main purpose of the exhibition was to drum up some sales for Mikimoto’s (primarily) original art, although the man himself dropped by on Saturday 25th for a small talk session and autographs.

With prices averaging 300,000~600,000 yen and upwards, there was no way that yours truly could afford one of the gorgeous pieces that adorned the walls, however I did hang around for the talk session and the chance to ask the big man a question or two.

(for anyone wondering, those fortunate enough to receive an autograph at these events can only have the signing board provided by the venue autographed. Taking personal merchandise to have signed is not permitted). 

At the end of the session, Mikimoto directly addressed the pink elephant in the room – namely, possible plans for Macross’ 30th Anniversary. While he was fairly tight lipped on the subject, he did offer the following tidbits:

Macross Frontier Appreciation Festival Report


The Macross Frontier Appreciation Festival (マクロスフロンティアキラっと感謝祭!) was originally scheduled to be held on March 19. After the Great Sendai Earthquake on March 11 the event, along with pretty much everything else in peoples lives, was put on infinite hiatus until a new date was announced – April 16...

May’n The Movie: Phonic Nation in 3D

You know you’ve been geeking out a little too hard when a seemingly random Japanese guy approaches you in the local convenience store in Kawasaki and asks if you were at the Yoko Kanno concert in Kobe. For those not in the know, Kawasaki is a looooong way from Kobe!

Then again, maybe I shouldnt have been too surprised. After all, Kawasaki Cinecitta was right next door to the convenience store in question – and in 20 minutes time it would be showing the premiere screening of ‘May’n the Movie: Phonic Nation in 3D.’

Maybe ‘Premiere’ is a bit of a misnomer – there were 3 ‘Premieres’ staggered throughout the day, with the first being in Ikebukuro in the morning, followed by Saitama at midday, before Kawasaki in the mid-afternoon. The reason for the staggered schedule was to allow both the director and the leading lady herself to hold a small talk after each screening.