Wonder Festival 2018 Summer

The summer edition of Wonder Festival was held on Sunday, July 29 at Makuhari Messe. Not even an impending typhoon could damped the crowds the stood in line for hours to check out all the latest toys and garage kits. Macross had a smaller official presence at the show this time, as opposed to in Winter when Max Factory’s 1:20 scale VF-1 stole the show. Nor was Bandai’s 1:48 scale DX Chogokin VF-1J on the show floor, despite being adorning shop fronts around Akihabara as of late last week. Arcadia was back in fine form though, and prototypes of the previously teased the 1:1 scale Sheryl and Ranko figures made quite a splash.

On the garage-kit side of things, Wonder Festival delivered once again with some amazing offerings, not the least of which was a completed kit of the Sigur Berrentzs from Macross Delta.

As with the photos from last Wonder Festival, the following 3 galleries are split between (1)Macross and mecha, (2)Anime & video games, and (3)Original works. Enjoy!

(1)Macross & Mecha

(2)Anime & Videogames


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