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Original Macross voted most popular ‘idol anime.’

Niconico recently surveyed 500 of its users about popular ‘idol anime’ and the results (released on Jan. 11) might surprise you.

While currently popular shows such as ‘Love Live’ made it into the top five, as did the Shoji Kawamori co-directed series ‘AKB 0048′, the No. 1 spot went to SDF Macross, with almost an entire 8% between it and the No.2 spot, ‘Magic Angel Creamy Mami.’


Flight of the Valkyries @ Anime Boston

Collection DX’s Veef did a panel on the origins of some of Macross’ most notable Valkyries at Anime Boston last weekend. His writeup of the convention can be found here.

The presentation was a revised version of the one from last year and included notable new additions regarding the YF-29 and VF-30.

A full video of the panel is available on Youtube, although it unfortunately includes no informa...

Macross Net Meeting – Listen To Us Talk!

The third Macross Net Meeting ‘Listen to us talk!’ was held on Niconico Douga on Wednesday April 10th. The special was hosted by Chiaki “Kyanchi’ Kyan and featured three main guests. Or should that be May’n guests? Yes, in attendance was the singing voice of Macross Frontier’s Sheryl Nome, May’n, as well as Shion Tsuchiya (Ash in Macross THE MUSICULTURE) and famed Valkyrie artist Hidetaka Tenjin.

Yamato Open Showroom 2012

Yamato’s annual open showroom event was held today and, apart from the usual bargains and cabinets full of valks, the big draw this year was something rather special – the first hands-on session with the final version of the toy.

Now, as long time listeners of the SpeakerPODcast know, I’m more of a character/song kinda Macross fan – I enjoy owning a handful of valks but that collection pales in comparison to the mammoth collections and encyclopedic knowledge that many of other fans have. Having said that, I can say without reservation that this is by far the best engineered talk that Yamato has made to date. The amount of detail and engineering that have gone into the toy is humbling. And more importantly than all that, it feels solid. It makes you want to play with it, damn the cost.