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The following review comes from long-time SpeakerPODcast contributor, Richard. His excellent blog can be found here.

Gwyn, Adrian, and I saw “Macross – The Musicalture” today, and so I decided I’d write up a review.

Part 1 – Tokyo Dome City

So my friend Emi and I met Gwyn in Tokyo Dome City at a little after 9:30 this morning...

Macross the MUSICALTURE – Report 1

Macross The MUSICALTURE was performed a total of eight times from October 3 to October 8 at Tokyo Dome City Hall. I was fortunate enough to attend the midday performance on Saturday, Oct. 6.

For the first couple of months following the musical’s announcement it had one major thing in common with many other events held to commemorate Macross’ 30th Anniversary – no-one really knew quite what it was...

Oshare Macross 30 @ Shinjuku Marui One


Following up on its previous ‘Oshare’ collaboration events for the Macross Frontier movies, Marui One department store kicked off its latest ‘Oshare Macross 30′ exhibit on Friday, Sept. 29. Similar to previous events, this ‘exhibit’ consists of a special store of Macross merchandise on the 1st floor, some special edibles (see pics below) and a small gallery space on the fourth floor...

Megaroad Launch Ceremony 2012 – Event Report


The MC turned to Sho Hayami, a dead serious look on her face.

‘At fanclub events, there’s something very important that we ask all of the guests.’

Sho was all dressed up, pimped out in a silver sequin-lined suit with big dark glasses. He looked more like something out of a 70’s yakuza flick than a voice actor. He paused, evidently troubled by the request.


Looking quickly...

Macross 30th Anniversary Emergency Live Broadcast!

A Macross 30th Anniversary Emergency Live Broadcast was aired on Niconico Live from 21:00~22:50 on Sept. 13.
Guests included: Megumi Nakajima (Ranka, Macross Frontier), Shion Tsuchiya (Ash Anderson, MUSICALTURE), Kanae Yoshii (Sakura Crawford, MUSICALTURE), Sayaka Kanda (Charlotte Marion=Glass, MUSICALTURE), and Chiaki Kyan (MC).

The bulk of the show was split between three segments – Musicalture, Macross FB7 and a Macross Trivia Quiz.