SpeakerPODcast EP.131 – Keep calm and watch Macross!

There’s been a lot of Macross news and rumors as of late, some good, some seemingly less so. What’s it all mean? This episode we sit down to talk all about it as well as catch up on all the recent happenings and events. Adrian, international-man-of-action that he is, drops by AX2019, San Diego Comicon and somehow still has time to find out the truth behind “Genesis Breakers Mospeada 2083″… or does he?

We also meet Hiroki “Ishtar” Kasahara, find out what Isamu Dyson is up to in the year 2067, discover the must-have Macross fanzine of the year (if not the decade), and experience Uta Macross in VR. All this and more in the latest episode of the SpeakerPODcast!

Carole & Tuesday Exhibition Cafe

Shinichiro Watanabe & Studio Bones’ latest anime, Carole & Tuesday, just had its first 12 episodes released internationally on Netflix. Here in Japan however, the show is already up to episode 19, has had its first concert (with a second planned for early October) and currently has its own collaboration cafe.

The Carole & Tuesday Exhibition Cafe is being held at Harajuku’s Area-Q Cafe (location for the previous two Walkure Cafes) from August 9 to September 1 and includes themed food, beverages, lineart, props, and lots and lots of music videos from the series.

SpeakerPODcast EP.130 – Promare

With half the Crew out on assignment at AX2019 (to be covered in more detail next episode), Gwyn and Tony take some time out to discuss Trigger’s latest theatrical offering, Promare, which recently topped 1 billion yen at the Japanese box-office.

According to Tony though, Promare might not be as original a production as many think and may actually have its origins in a Kabuki production that few outside of Japan know about…

Wonder Festival 2019 Summer

This year’s Wonder Festival 2019 Summer took place at Makuhari Messe on Sunday, July 28.

There were  few interesting announcements this Summer, most of which we will cover in an upcoming podcast. In the meantime, the following gallery is a mixture of official products and amateur garage kits from the show floor. Enjoy!

(Due to a busted camera, I had to dust off an old iPhone 4 to take these so quality may vary, sorry.)

Oshare Macross Summer-Colored Walkure Popup Shop

The latest “Oshare (Fashionable) Macross” popup shop opened for business at Shinjuku Marui Annex from June 21 to July 2. The series of popup shops has really taken off post-Delta, possibly due to the overwhelming popularity of Walkure. Not only are they being held much more frequently now, they are also increasingly difficult to initially get into (as Adrian reported recently) and merchandise often sells out during the first day.

As a result, the following gallery doesn’t feature much in the way of merchandise (since there wasn’t much left by the time these pics were taken four days after the shop opened) but does include the gorgeous original art drawn for the event by Chisato Mita of Capcom and some fun little additional squiggles that were added later on.