SpeakerPODcast EP.131 – Keep calm and watch Macross!

There’s been a lot of Macross news and rumors as of late, some good, some seemingly less so. What’s it all mean? This episode we sit down to talk all about it as well as catch up on all the recent happenings and events. Adrian, international-man-of-action that he is, drops by AX2019, San Diego Comicon and somehow still has time to find out the truth behind “Genesis Breakers Mospeada 2083″… or does he?

We also meet Hiroki “Ishtar” Kasahara, find out what Isamu Dyson is up to in the year 2067, discover the must-have Macross fanzine of the year (if not the decade), and experience Uta Macross in VR. All this and more in the latest episode of the SpeakerPODcast!

Cassie, friend of the podcast, was recently featured on Japanese TV – full report next episode!

Just what exactly IS “Genesis Breakers Mospeada 2083”?

Episode 131 Timestamps

00:01:49: News!
-Macross Won’t Stop Special Disc
-Basara Explosion 2019 merch
-Seiko Macross 7 watch
-Macross on “Why did YOU come to Japan?”
00:17:10: Anime Expo 2019 and a reversal of what now?
00:45:50: Meeting Hiroko “Ishtar” Kasahara herself!
00:55:15: Wonder Festival Summer 2019 & details of Genesis Breaker Mospeada (maybe?)
01:11:14: Thanks! K Orchestra Tanabata Sonic Tribute
01:19:53: Comic Market 96 and the greatest Macross fanzine of the year.
01:37:40: Macross 7 & Plus 25th Festival
02:15:00: Adrian’s Oshare Macross trek
02:27:25: Uta Macross 2nd Anniversary Special Livestream

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years already…

Kazuhiko Shimamoto’s Ultimate Macross Poll doujinshi is amazing!

Shimamoto’s rendition of the Ultimate Macross Poll set.

Astute listeners may be wondering where the Kasahara Hiroko clips for this cast came from. You can find them here and here!
Anyone interested in the Thanks!K Orchestra should keep tabs on their official website.

JUNNA tries Uta Macross in VR

TOP: Total play time and users with longest play time. BOTTOM: Most popular songs & Valkyries.

The following photo’s are from the Macross Plus & 7 25th Anniversary Festival! Many thanks to Adrian for snapping these.
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